Supportive Living Services (SLS)

AIMES provides support to individuals with disabilities in supported living. Supported living is a concept, which creates opportunities for people to choose where they live, with whom they live and how they lead their lives. AIMES SLS was developed in February 2004. Not through an RFP process.

What we do:

AIMES is committed to providing support to individuals as they gain personal independence at home and in their communities. They have the ability to choose their own SLS vendor and help hire their support staff and sit in the interviewing process. Each consumer will meet with their team members to develop a plan that outlines their personal needs, goals, and interests. This plan will be reviewed every three months, or as needed. Consumers make choices about where they want to live, what learning experiences they want to explore and leisure opportunities they want to pursue. Once broad interests and needs have been established, each plan outlines detailed steps to reach each specific goal throughout the year. AIMES service creates pathways towards self-sufficiency with personal satisfaction, develops community living options, educational and recreational opportunities and employment training for all persons regardless of their disabilities.

  • Serving adults (18 and up); Male/female; Have a desire to receive SLS;
  • Have a diagnosis of developmental disabilities/mental health issues; and/or Dual Diagnosis;
  • Knowledge of techniques working with challenging consumers; Deaf/hard of hearing;
  • Level of mental retardation can be from severe to borderline intellectual functioning;
  • Behavior modification techniques;
  • Help reduce consumers risk of endangerment;
  • Provide emergency assistance 24-hour assistance to all consumers;
  • Disaster plan training; Safety training; Health/universal training;
  • Support staff/consumer training, Emergency response training;
  • Environment inspection/household training; Crisis Prevention Intervention certification;
  • Supervisors with background working with Autism, Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis; and
  • Bi-monthly on-going training for all staff.

What AIMES SLS specializes in: 

Working with consumers with challenging behaviors, ranging from verbal/physical aggression, substance abuse, property destruction and many more. Our Service will be provided to all consumers regardless of level of ability/behavior. After an assessment, the consumer’s objectives will be determined in a person centered planning approach, which individual needs, preferences and choices of consumer and family will be expressed. All objectives will be addressed as a high priority, but will not be the only areas of training. The general goal, or expected outcome, is to help our consumers become more normalized, independent and to build confidence and self-esteem. The agency will provide the necessary ongoing assistance to achieve personal success.

Services and Supports:

Ideally, the planning team will consist of consumer, circle of support, family/care provider, KRC caseworker and AIMES staff as well as clinical consultants. AIMES assists consumers in designing and constructing their futures and achieving their dreams, by utilizing community resources, as well as generic recourses that are available in Bakersfield:

  • Assist in locating housing; cooking/nutrition; daily living skills; money management; self-advocacy;
  • Housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Homemaking
  • Personal care
  • Money management
  • Behavior intervention; Psychiatry; Psychotherapy (including Anger Management);
  • Medical/Dental/Vision monitoring; Drug and/or Alcohol Counseling; and staff training.
  • Hiring, training, scheduling and supervising direct support staff
  • 24 hour emergency response services

AIMES operates on the belief that all persons are entitled to live their lives with dignity and respect and should be supported as an integral, contributing, productive and accepted member of their community. AIMES adheres to the notion of interdependence, encouraging and supporting its consumers to integrate with their non-disabled peers in the community, domestic, recreational/leisure, vocational and school (Community College) domains. AIMES focuses on independence in self-care; health management; medication management, problem solving, adjustment to independence, use of community transportation and facilities; behavioral, emotional, cognitive, communication and interpersonal skills; person centered planning and self-advocacy are encouraged and supported in all environments. AIMES will attempt to provide instruction and support to consumers discreetly and respectfully.