Consumers’ Rights

Consumers receiving SLS shall have the right to make decisions that shape the nature and quality of their lives in accordance with their preferences, and consistent with the goals of the consumer’s IPP.

AIMES will also follow DDS guidelines. These rights shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Choosing where and with whom to live;
  • Controlling the character and appearance of the environment within their home;
  • Choosing and changing their SLS vendors and direct service support staff;
  • Participating actively in their IPP process so that the SLS they receive is based on their needs and preferences;
  • Receiving services appropriate to their evolving needs and preferences for support without having to move from the home of their choice, for a s long as SLS remains the preferred objective, as determined in the consumer’s IPP process; and
  • Informing the Regional Center about how satisfied they are with the services they are receiving and to have this information taken into account in the Regional Center’s periodic evaluation of the SLS vendor’s service.