Meet The Owners

As the founders of AIMES Homes, Inc. (Community Care Facilities), AIMES Supportive Living Services;  Iman Killebrew, Stephen Killebrew and Misty Varner, successfully proven their ability to utilize their education and experience to create, successfully manage, and implement programs to serve Kern Regional Center and the developmentally disabled population.

Iman Killebrew

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Iman began her career working with the developmentally disabled population in 1994 in the Los Angeles area.  Iman worked with the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis developing and motivating adults as a supported living staff.  She then moved to Las Vegas where she worked with developmentally disabled children in the Las Vegas School District, educating and managing challenging behaviors in the classroom.

Iman Killebrew received her education from Pasadena City College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Alameda College & University.

Iman is an active member in the community serving people with developmental disabilities.  She has served on the Vendor Advisory Committee (VAC) for five years, serving as the Chairman for 4 years representing the VAC as a board member on KRC’s board, and is currently holding the Vice Chair position. Iman has previously served  as a Board Member for ASPIRE Housing Corporation, which assists consumers with affordable housing, as well as a board member for Kern Autism Network (KAN), and is an active member of the Cognitive and Sensory Challenged sub-committee for the Emergency Preparedness for Kern County.

Stephen Killebrew

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Stephen Killebrew received his education from Bakersfield College where he received an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from Alameda College & University.

Upon their arrival to Bakersfield in 1996, Iman and Stephen helped the owner of SAILS Homes open two of the first homes through the KRC request of proposal process for juveniles with forensic issues coming out of the State Hospital (Camarillo). Not knowing very much about group homes, the Killebrews quickly learned by being live-ins for 4.5 years out of the eight years with SAILS Homes, working as direct care staff, house managers and Administrators.   During these eight years the Killebrews assisted the owner in opening 10 more homes in Bakersfield and San Diego, California.  The homes were for adolescents/adults coming out of the developmental centers and for those in danger of entering. The consumers had a diverse array of behavioral issues not limited to: forensic, sexually inappropriate behaviors, physical/verbal aggression, AWOL, pica, nonverbal communication styles, fire starter, and disabilities ranging from mild to severely profound. The Killebrews managed and operated all aspects of the day-to-day and financial operations, overseeing 45 employees and 20 consumers while employed with SAILS.

The Killebrews gained experience and developed great relations with Kern Regional Center, Mental Health Providers, School Districts, Probation Department, Licensing and Medical Professionals.  With their great communication, reliability, dependability and experience the Killebrews were able to pave the way to creating their own companies through the vendor process.

In February 2004, after leaving SAILS, the Killebrews opened AIMES SLS vendored through the Kern Regional Center. The vendored programs have grown to consist of   Supportive Living, CPP-Supportive Living, Homemaker and CIT.  The Killebrews have taken their experience and knowledge in the field and have applied it through assisting and teaching independence to adults in the community with severe behavioral challenges.

In April of 2004 AIMES Homes was created in partnership with Misty Varner when awarded the adult CPP Forensic Home, which was successfully licensed in December 2004.  The home has successfully served both male and female consumers with an array of forensic and behavioral issues. Over the last six years some of the consumers have learned skills that have supported them to move to less restricted environments, independent living and positive community integration.

AIMES Homes was also awarded two level 4I homes which opened in 2005, serving children with behavioral needs.  The homes have successfully served a population of children with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, varying on the Autism spectrum, Angelmen Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and Fragile X.

In 2007 AIMES was asked by KRC to open a facility without start up funding, serving the needs of individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries in a least cost effective manner. The facility was licensed in June 2008 and has housed consumers with brain injuries, forensic issues, court diversion and other developmental disabilities.

In 2009 AIMES Noble Adult SRF with start-up funding, was opened and licensed through the 2008-2009 RFP selection process.  The facility specializes in working with individuals with inappropriate social skills (registrant/non-registrant) backgrounds, forensic and challenging behavioral issues.
AIMES was awarded an RCFE SRF through the 2010-2011/RFP process. The facility specializes in working with individuals with inappropriate social skills (registrant/non-registrant) backgrounds, forensic and challenging behavioral issues.

Misty Varner


Misty Varner has years of successful experience working as a Assistant Administrator of Six Community Care Facilities Level 4I, servicing adolescents with developmental and behavioral disabilities, a Behavior Consultant servicing both adults and adolescents with behavioral and developmental disabilities, forensic issues, inappropriate sexual behavior, and as an Administrator of an RCL 11 thirty bed Community Care Facility for adolescents in the foster care system and juvenile justice system.

In 1996 Misty began working with Iman Killebrew assisting her in opening the first SAILS Homes.  The level 4I Community Care facilities housed adolescents with forensic and behavioral issues coming out of the State Hospital (Camarillo).  Misty learned hands-on how to support, develop and strengthen the clients and staff she worked with.  Over the next six years Misty took on more responsibilities, promoting from a direct care staff to a House Manager to an Administrator.  Misty worked to develop and implement the philosophy and vision of the company through her supervision and education of the employees.

In 2002 Misty left SAILS for an opportunity for experience and growth as a full-time Administrator and part-time Behavior Consultant.  As an Administrator Misty began working with Catholic HealthCare West overseeing all operating aspects of the residential treatment center located within the Memorial Center.  The residential treatment center was a 30 bed RCL 11 community care facility servicing adolescents with severe emotional, behavioral and forensic issues.  While at Memorial Center Misty managed an annual budget of over 1.5 million dollars, successfully led her team through a Joint Commission Accreditation with a score of 93%, developed and implemented many new program ideas, and was nominated by her peers in 2003 for the honor of “values in action.

In 2002 Misty joined Institute for Applied Behavior Analyst as a Behavior Consultant.  Misty worked under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Gary LaVigna and Dr. Tom Willis.  While consulting Misty modified and implemented behavior treatment plans, developing individual goals, analyzing and tracking trends, and educating staff on the philosophy of positive reinforcement, normalization and behavior modification.

Misty Varner received her education from Bakersfield College where she received an A.A. degree in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University of Bakersfield in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Race and Ethnic Relations.

In Combination

AIMES owners, have achieved a combination of 39 years of experience working with the developmentally disabled population. They have served a diverse population of persons with developmental disabilities, serving children, adolescents and adults ranging from mild to severe behavioral, forensic, emotional, sexual inappropriate behaviors and mental health issues.  Due to their extensive experience and successes working with the proposed population, AIMES owners feel that the best approach is the collaborated efforts of all of their past, present and future resources.

The relationship between the Kern Regional Center and the applicants has grown from the appreciative teacher student pair to a developed partnership with the desire to grow and advocate for those with disabilities. In conjunction with providing quality care, AIMES believes advocating and contributing to the expansion of services available to persons with disabilities is pertinent.  Iman Killebrew and Misty Varner not only serve their corporation; they have also stayed highly involved in committees and boards that serve the developmentally disabled within the community.

In combination Iman and Misty have served as:

Chair of the Vendor Advisory Committee, staying actively involved with KRC vendors; Board member of the Kern Autism Network; Board member of the ASPIRE Housing Corporation  providing affordable housing to those with disabilities; Meet Your Neighbors a campaign to integrate the community with the disabled population; member of the KRC Golf Committee raising money for the All Star Café and Kern Assistive Technology; Epilepsy Society fundraisers; attending sessions at the State Capitol to lobby for services for those with needs; Cognitive and Sensory Challenged Subcommittee for Emergency Preparedness in Kern County.