Group Homes

AIMES Homes provides care, support, with a family setting for adult’s 18-59 years of age who are diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and may have mental health issues including, but not limited to criminal behavior, substance abuse, property destruction, physical and verbal aggression, inappropriate sexual behavior, court orders  and possible registrants who are referred for placement by Kern Regional Center. AIMES provides these adult’s with a normalized, team-oriented application of psychology, therapeutic, behavior modification, instructional, recreational and adult care services. Their approach seeks to meet the adult’s social and behavioral needs, establishment and maintenance of mental and physical health, family and community adjustment and appropriate interaction with peers, and society as a whole.

The ultimate goal of AIMES Homes is to provide an opportunity for each consumer to learn the skills and behaviors needed to live in the least restricted setting and be a part of his/her community. All consumers will be encouraged to make choices in his/her life and daily activities.  His/her staff, family, friends, caseworker and any additional person(s) in his/her ID Team and Circle of Support will support each consumer.  All consumers will be encouraged to be part of a day-to-day life and participate in activities. Each consumer will help establish his/her own individual program plan with his/her Circle of Support. This is to help them learn a variety of living skills such as:  cooking, budgeting, laundry, cleaning, shopping, uses of transportation, and to maintain his/her physical health and safety. Each consumer will be encouraged to participate in normalized, educational/vocational and interactive activities to the best of his/her abilities.

The main focus of AIMES Behavior Modification program is providing a safe and structured living environment where adult’s can learn to reduce or eliminate their inappropriate behaviors, and work toward improving the behavioral, learning and social challenges that exist. To accomplish this, AIMES staff will provide each individual guidance, training, experience and assist the consumers in applying these new skills by increasing his/her independent living and overall self-esteem.

AIMES Home staff will be available 24 hours, seven days a week to assist consumers with training, personal or medical needs, and to plan activities and outings in the community. Staff will assist consumers with nutrition and exercise, social skill development and recreational activities, educational needs, as well as training in independent skills (such as cooking, budgeting and cleaning). AIMES Homes will also utilize supportive services, such as: doctors, dentists, psychologists, behaviorists, teachers, MFT/MSW, and any other professional that may be needed per his/her IPP; these services will be made a part of the consumer’s schedule. AIMES Homes will ensure adequate, alert staffing at all times to provide for the safety and supervision of the consumers.