AIMES Jade is a 4 bed adult residential living facility specializing in individuals with Severe/Profound/Autistic disabilities. AIMES Jade opened in June 2005.

What we doAIMES Jade provides a safe, secure and therapeutic living environment to our clients above the basic 4I facility. Staff are experienced and trained to work with the clients who lack safety awareness (darting, ingesting objects, fire safety, engage in physical aggression to staff and others they may come in contact with, continuous tantrums, self injurious behaviors (picking, head banging, biting, etc.), lack of sleep with night stemming. Staff provides hand over hand and total assistance with everyday living tasks such as: (hygiene, dressing, bathing, personal grooming, toileting/smearing, medication assistance, feeding).

What AIMES Jade specializes in: AIMES Jade specializes in planning and implementing treatment plans to developmentally disabled/autistic individuals who currently are, or have a history of, mental health problems, maladaptive behaviors such as physical/verbal aggression, property destruction, darting and dealing with those who have a serious lack of safety awareness.

Services and Supports AIMES Jade utilizes our clients’ Circle of Support as well as clinical consultants as needed, as part of our service and support for our clients; such supports may include:

  • Behavior Intervention
  • Psychiatry
  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • Dietary