AIMES Shelley

AIMES Shelley is a 4 bed Specialized (Forensic) adult residential facility. AIMES Shelley opened in December 2004.

What we doAIMES Shelley provides a safe, secure and therapeutic living environment to our clients above the basic 4I facility.  AIMES works to keep the client and community safe through teaching, mentoring and role modeling the appropriate social skills needed to live successfully helping to eliminate dangerous and socially unacceptable behaviors that may lead them to reoffend prior criminal behavior, including: violent outbursts, physical and verbal aggression, property destruction, drug and alcohol abuse and pursuit, inappropriate sexual behavior (toward self or others), taunting and teasing others, threats, and self injurious behaviors (cutting/picking/head banging, darting, etc.).

  • 24 hour supervision, staff coverage is 356 hours per week
  • Each client has his/her own individual/private bedroom
  • Window/door chimes to ensure safety of all clients
  • Supportive training
  • Emergency response training
  • Predominantly male staff
  • Trained/experienced staff
  • Staff on shift with minimum of 60 college units
  • Modified environment
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention certification
  • Monthly on-going training for all staff

What AIMES Shelley specializes inAIMES Shelley specializes in planning and implementing treatment plans to developmentally disabled individuals who currently are, or have a history of, involvement of criminal activity, mental health problems inappropriate sexual behavior (non-PC 290 registrants), individuals on probation or 6500 Status, physical and/or verbal aggression, property destruction, AWOL and substance abuse.

Services and Supports AIMES Shelley utilizes our clients’ Circle of Support as well as clinical consultants as part of our service and support for our clients; such supports may include:

  • Behavior Intervention
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychotherapy (including Anger Management)
  • Drug and/or Alcohol Counseling and staff training
  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • Dietary
  • Processing Groups/Group Meetings (in-house)

ActivitiesAIMES Shelley utilizes daily activities to help the client learn socially acceptable behaviors in the home and in the community.  Out of home activities include; (movies, shopping malls, local parks, libraries, etc.), family outings/events, local concerts, hockey games and other sponsored events, as well clients’ choice of outings. In home group activities (board games, arts and crafts, video games, etc.), processing groups with peers, and the use of routine household duties and preparations to help train and prepare the clients.