Our homes are located in the City of Bakersfield, County of Kern.  This provides the residents access to various community integration opportunities in walking distance or within a few miles of driving. AIMES location offers the right atmosphere to train and service the consumers while acting as a safe catalyst between the community and their new life lessons.

The community provides extensive recreational, educational and leisure activity opportunities for our consumers. In our consumer training, we use local resources such as:  markets, banks, parks, libraries, churches, gyms, restaurants and other recreational facilities as a training ground towards growth and integration. Local consultants, doctors, dentists, therapists and hospitals are in abundance and accessible in serving our consumers needs.

Their home is spacious in size and meets all Regional Center and licensing requirements for proximity to other facilities, Section 504 standards and Section 1531.1. The home is modified to meet all CCL, fire codes, all Title 17 and 22 regulations, structurally in design with complete ability to ensure program implementation.

AIMES goal is to present their consumers with an atmosphere that promotes the comforts of a   “normal” family home, which embraces all promise of community integration and normalization. The desired square footage for all our homes is to exceed 2000 square feet to accommodate individual bedrooms, private space and storage for consumer’s belongings. The homes are all a  minimum of four bedrooms where all individuals have a comfortable setting with his/her own private rooms with (closet, clothes, bed, dresser, nightstand, chair, towels, linens, enough light for reading and private space), two baths, two-car garage, a spacious yard and common area. Consumers share a bathroom keeping his/her toiletry items separate and sanitary. The consumers have the ability to move around the house freely, host guests, learn skills, and participate in activities. AIMES Homes maintains a clean, orderly, supportive and safe condition at all times.