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A Message to our AIMES Family


Aimes supports, encourages, and motivates our consumers to be self-lead and independent as they integrate into the community while actively participating in the planning of their own goals and objectives.



Our services include a strong commitment to supporting and strengthening our consumers’ confidence allowing them to decrease their dependence upon formal services. This is done with encouragement of self-advocacy and person-centered planning by AIMES.



Our Services include a deep commitment to decrease our clients’ dependence upon formal services. Person centered planning and self-advocacy are supported and encouraged.



AIMES is committed to sustaining an exceptional level of assistance, inspiration, and encouragement in which all people, regardless of their background or cognitive ability, can achieve their dreams and live a fulfilled life that they choose to create for themselves.


Encourage and Empower

AIMES is committed to creating a positive and accepting environment where all people are given the chance and encouraged to grow, make their own choices, gain personal independence, and feel valued as a contributing member to their community.

AIMES Consulting

Supported Living Services

Providing support to individuals with intellectual disabilities as they gain personal independence at home and in their communities.

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Family Style Support

Providing care and support in a family setting to children, adults and elderly with intellectual disabilities from borderline to severe.

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