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Supportive Living Services

What is SLS?

Supportive living is a concept which creates opportunities for people to choose where they live, with whom they live and how they lead their lives. AIMES provides Supportive Living Services to Kern Regional, CVRC, Westside, Lanterman and Tri Counties consumers in Bakersfield, California.

Trained staff members help as needed with teaching skills in homemaking, money management, life skills and self advocacy. Staff also help with medical appointments, medication, and community intergration.


Who can recieve service?

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a diagnosis of developmental disability/mental health disorder and/or dual diagnosis
  • Have a desire to receive SLS
  • Must be a Regional Center consumer
  • Questions?

    Call us

    (661) 589-9992 or send us a message here


  1. Refferal

    We recieve a refferal from a Regional Center

  2. Meet

    We get to know the individual

  3. Assessment

    We assess their needs and goals

  4. Program

    We create a personalized program for the individual

  5. Service

    Supported Living Services begin

Types of SLS


AIMES SLS provides support to individuals with disabilities as they gain personal independence at home and in their communities. AIMES SLS creates the opportunity for the individual to choose where to live, with whom they live, and how they live their lives.


AIMES Community Placement Program provides 24 hour support and supervision to consumers coming out of a state developmental center. Individuals in CPP behaviors ranging from moderate to severe and require a high level of supervision.


AIMES Mobile Crisis Team specializes in stabilizing consumers with extreme behaviors. Consumer's often have a dual-diagnosis and behaviors of physical aggression and/or self harm. MCT can be a last resort for individuals in danger of entering a developmental center or a safe envirornment while on a waitlist for one.


AIMES Independent Living Services is a type of supportive living service where the individual recieving care is living with family. Our experienced staff supports and helps teach the fundamentals needed to live on their own.


AIMES Homemaker provides total care support to our clients that require 24 hour hands on care.

Get to know us

Our Mission

AIMES is committed to creating an environment where all people, regardless of background and “ability” can grow, make choices, gain personal independence at home and be a valued and contributing member to his/her community.

Our Vision

All people will be living and working in partnership with his/her community, to celebrate diversity and to promote human interdependence, where all people are welcomed and equally encouraged to participate in our society’s future growth and maturity.

Iman Killerbrew, Owner

Araceli Alvarez, Manager

Lissette Torres, SLS Admin Assistant

Tania Reyes, Supervisor

Rebecca Love, Supervisor

Iman Killebrew


Iman began her career serving the developmentally disabled population in 1994. She started as a supported living staff and then transitioned into educating and managing challenging behaviors in the classroom for the Las Vegas School District. In 1996 Iman helped open two homes through Kern Regional Center. From there, she transitioned to become a senior Administrator opening 10 more homes for adults and adolescents. Iman then opened AIMES Consulting Inc. to provide Supported Living Services to Bakersfield. Iman used her creativity and passion to make a difference to completely change the dynamic and level of services available to the intellectual and developmentally disabled community in Bakersfield. Because of her hard work, dedication, determination, and heart, AIMES Consulting Inc. has grown to include Independent living services, CPP Living services, Homemaker, and a Mobile Crisis Team. In 2004, Iman collaborated with Misty in which they founded AIMES Homes. Today they co-own and operate eight successful Community Care Facilities that cater to adolescents, adults, and elderly with intellectual disabilities. They have also successfully opened AsOne, a day program that helps integrate those with disabilities into the community. While bringing unique services to Bakersfield, Iman has also assisted and joined several different organizations in the city to better serve the disabled community. During Iman’s journey within this field she has served the disabled community as a Chair of the Vendor Advisory Committee, KRC vendor, Board member of the Kern Autism Network, Board member of the ASPIRE Housing Corporation providing affordable housing to those with disabilities, Board member of Voices of integration: Communities empowering the disabled, member of the Meet Your Neighbors campaign to integrate the community with the disabled population, member of the Cognitive and Sensory Challenged Subcommittee for Emergency Preparedness in Kern County, and member of the KRC Golf Committee raising money for the All Star Café and Kern Assistive Technology. She has also participated in Epilepsy Society fundraisers, attended multiple sessions at the State Capitol to lobby and fight for the rights and services of the disabled population, and actively participates in planning the Annual Get Aquatinted Vendor Luncheon.

Araceli Alvarez


As a Hispanic/Chinese woman, wife, mother, and grandmother of three, Araceli used her natural ability to care for her family, friends, and others to find a passion and career that she loved effortlessly. Araceli joined AIMES Consulting in 2006, just two years after she moved to Bakersfield. Being in a new town, she found comfort in caring for those who needed it within her new community. She started as a support staff but quickly learned the company’s philosophy and advanced to manager. As the company doubled in size, Araceli was there to help with anything along the way. In addition to providing quality care service to the individuals, Araceli was given the opportunity to make changes within and create new positions as it seemed needed. Araceli took that opportunity and did her best to bring a new dynamic to the company that has stayed present and beneficial for everyone involved.

Lissette Torres

SLS Administrative Assistant

Lissette began her journey with AIMES Consulting timidly in 2012, as she did not have any experience in this line of work. She began working minimal hours and slowly started working with the CPP program. To her surprise, she began to learn and grow as an employee and advanced within the company to higher positions. As the company grew, Lissette grew with it and became part of the Administration team. She began as a house lead and worked her way up to an SLS assistant and then to a supervisor. She is now the Administrative Assistant for AIMES Consulting. She admires her peers, managers, mentors, and company partners for being an outlet for new knowledge and experiences during her career journey with AIMES Consulting.

Tania Reyes


Tania joined AIMES Consulting in 2013 and has brought so much positivity to the company. She prides herself in how far she has come during her career with AIMES Consulting. Tania is passionate and hardworking and helping others comes naturally to her. She used these positive aspects about herself to push harder to grow in her career, and did just that. Over the years, Tania has worked her way to become a company Supervisor. She loves her team and the dedication they bring to work every day. Tania is thankful and proud to work for a company that serves her community in such a positive way.

Rebecca Love


Rebecca began her career serving the Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled Community by volunteering at a group home in Las Vegas in 2000. During this time, she gained passion and motivation to continue in this line of work. Rebecca joined AIMES Consulting in 2007 as a support staff and then grew to become a House Lead of an MCT Home and then worked to her way to SLS Assistant, and now Supervisor. Working for AIMES, Rebecca has learned more than she ever imagined she would have. She truly enjoys taking the knowledge that she gains daily at work and sharing it with those around her in order to expand and grow the love and passion for the disabled community.